Arabtec Holding PJSC Releases 1Q 2018 Results

May 10,2018

Dubai, UAE – 10th May 2018: Arabtec Holding PJSC (“Arabtec” or “Group”), a leading contractor for social and economic infrastructure, today announced its financial results for Q1 2018. Continuing on from 2017 with another quarter of profitability, the Group has recorded a net profit to parent of AED 63.3 million on revenue of AED 2.4 billion. The Group’s backlog stood at AED 16.2 billion, well supported with a solid pipeline of AED 16 billion of tenders submitted or under preparation in our primary market of the UAE.


In line with our strategic roadmap, Arabtec’s focus has moved to re-basing the business through a range of initiatives focused on productivity, efficiency, innovation and strengthening the balance sheet. The Group will continue to simplify its business and workforce management through better tools and processes and outsourcing activities where it makes sense. Operationally, the Group will look to apply innovative approaches to enhance its work and delivery capabilities. Arabtec will continue to better leverage synergies across the Group through closer integration of its businesses to ensure they provide a strategic fit with their core operations.


Group Chief Executive Officer Hamish Tyrwhitt said:  ”I am pleased to report a positive start to the financial year. We have seen a material increase in our net profit since last year with solid growth in revenue. Q1 results reflect the positive impact of our various transformation initiatives. In 2018, strengthening governance still remains our key priority through rigorous project and business performance reporting, with a strong emphasis on cash, collection of receivables and closing-out legacy projects. To further strengthen the balance sheet, we will look to divest or develop non-core assets and investments to ensure a sustainable and successful future for Arabtec.”


AED (million)   Q1 2018 Q1 2017 Variance
Revenue   2,420 2,185 235
EBIT   95.6 26.4 69.2
EBIT Margin (%)   4.00% 1.20% 2.80%
Net Profit/(Loss) for the period   65.8 1 64.8
Margin (%)   2.70% 0.10% 2.60%
Net Profit attributable to the owners of the parent   63.6 17.6 46