Corporate Governance

Arabtec’s corporate governance structures, principles, policies and practices provide a comprehensive framework to:

enhance accountability to shareholders and other stakeholders,

ensure timely and accurate disclosures of all material matters,

deal fairly with shareholders and other stakeholder interests,

maintain high standards of business ethics and integrity.

The framework enables Arabtec to discharge its statutory duty of ensuring an orderly, informed and fair market and of ensuring risks are managed prudently in accordance with a robust risk management framework, while pursuing its business objectives. To serve the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders, Arabtec’s corporate governance system is subject to ongoing review, assessment and improvement. The Board of Directors proactively adopts governance policies and practices designed to align the interests of the Board and management with those of shareholders and other stakeholders and to promote the highest standards of ethical behaviour and risk management at every level of the organisation.

I am honoured to Chair the Board of Directors of Arabtec Holding as we steer the company from challenging times towards building a successful and sustainable future for the group” H.E. Mohamed Thani Murshed Al Rumaithi.

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Executive Management